The standing seam system consists of a comprehensive range of robust components that ensures appropriate and correct installation is achieved. It is also important that standing seam roofs are installed by properly trained and equipped professionals.


The standing seam system is available in various standard coil dimensions shown in the table below. Non-standard widths between 60mm and 600mm can also be produced. The standing seam panels weigh approx 6kg per m2 . 

Advantages of the Standing seam roof system

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Slopes from 3- 90 degrees
  • Panels upto 13m in length
  • Flexible
  • No flame spread of penetration following Brooft4 tests

Individual panels are held in place at the top of the pitch by a minimum of 5 fixed clips and then towards the lower portion of the panel by sliding clips allowing thermal movement. These stainless steel clips, which are fixed to the structure, are crimped inside the joints. Thus the fixing clips for panels and flashings never penetrate the material and therefore do not affect the appearance or damage the waterproofing. The low height of the seams (25mm standard) and the 600mm maximum spacing between joints give the roof a light, harmonious appearance.

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